Premium Floral Cabana

Embark on a journey of romance and enchantment with our floral cabana proposal experience. A secluded paradise adorned with a canopy of blossoms, that will create¬† an intimate oasis just for you and your beloved. As you’re surrounded by the delicate fragrance of fresh flowers and the soft rustle of leaves, the stage is set for a moment of pure magic.

With every detail meticulously arranged, from the vibrant floral arrangements to the cozy seating, this serene setting offers the perfect backdrop for your heartfelt proposal. Let your hearts speak as you profess your love and devotion, sealing your bond in a moment that will be cherished forever

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Cabana setup

Fairy lights on top & sides

White carpet with rose petals


Real flower belt on all poles

Premium Table Deco


500gms cake

Ring with real flowers

Will you marry me Neon light


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