Picnic Tent

Amidst the serene beauty of a pristine beach and the sun casting  a warm glow over the horizon ,a carefully arranged picnic tent stands, adorned with twinkling fairy lights and fragrant flowers. A table is set with  candles flickering romantically in the gentle breeze.  A pathway of fresh blooms makes a way towards your beloved. With a nervous heart and trembling hands, you drop to one knee, the words of your heartfelt proposal catching in your throat. And as they tearfully nod their acceptance, the waves crashing nearby seem to echo the joyous beat of your heart.

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• Bamboo tent setup

• Fairy Lights

• White cloth draped to bamboo

• Ground Sitting with pillows

• Artificial flowers

• Candles in heart shape around tent

• Rose petals

• 500gms Cake

• Woodern chalkboard

• Rose Bouquet


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