Floral Frame

Immerse yourself in the rustic romance of our wooden frame adorned with an array of enchanting flowers. Crafted from natural, weathered wood, this frame serves as a captivating centerpiece for any event or occasion. Each delicate bloom, carefully selected and arranged, adds a pop of color and fragrance to the rustic charm of the wooden backdrop.

Capture the essence of your love in a timeless embrace with our floral frame proposal.  As you and your partner stand amidst the beauty of nature, enveloped in the fragrance of fresh flowers, you’ll find the perfect moment to profess your love and commitment. Let this enchanting setting be the backdrop to your heartfelt proposal, a symbol of the beauty and growth that awaits in your shared future together.

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Wooden frame

Flower belt with real & artificial flowers

2 cold pyros



Rose bouquet

500gms cake or Fruit champagne


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