Amaryllis woody proposal

Nestled on a pristine beach stretch, the ivory cabana stands as a serene sanctuary, adorned with white blooms with billowing white curtains that dance in the gentle breeze, it offers a haven of privacy and luxury.

Inside, a perfect table arrangements with candles and the  scent of exotic flowers fills the air, creating an ambiance of enchantment.

Against this natural backdrop stands a picturesque arrangement: “Marry Me” spelled out in rustic wooden letters. Each letter bright and glowing, exudes charm and authenticity. As the sun sets, casting a warm glow upon the scene, these simple yet profound words serve as a declaration of love, etched into the heart of the moment for eternity.

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wooden cabana with fairy lights and white draping

fresh flower premium hangers on cabana

white pathway with petals and lanterns

fairy lights

3ft MARRY ME letters

heart with rose petals and roses on border

fresh flower runners on sides of marry me letters

premium bouquet


led candles around the setup



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