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Restaurant Decor Imagine entering a fully decorated hotel room for your partner and you! We're taking relationship goals to the next level! We know that moments with your sweetheart are absolutely priceless! Enjoy a private and comfortable stay with an element of surprise. Heart shaped foil and air balloon The mix of rose petals and candles will instantly take their heart and leave a lifetime impression in their mind.

What is a Sphere Design? It is the gift of both an experience and items that you simply keep that help you celebrate the most important romantic moments of your life. Imagine walking into your bedroom and only expecting your suitcase to roll in the closet, inspecting the hotel welcome letter and room service menu, and lying in bed for a moment. What will happen next? For sightseeing, maybe dinner then back into the space for a touch TV or reading lights again. Not too interesting of a story.

With Romantic Room Design, you enter a bedroom that is lit only by the placement of flickering candles. As you follow the trail of rose petals, you find yourself adorning your bed with an array of romantic items. The mood is about a romantic adventure (and limited brains are often found before check-in or when you chow down for dinner).

Now, once you inspect your bedroom and others ask, “How was your stay?” You’ll have plenty of story to tell them. Although the person buying the package plays the role of our “romantic hero”, you both get a chance to enjoy these extravagant touches that make your room romantic. Because the stay is all yours, you’ll recreate your night at another hotel – or at home – in the future!

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